Groups for M&Ms lesson

Each group to bring one large bag of M&Ms to the second lesson of this week (Wednesday for Block E, Thursday for Block G).

Block E

Group 1
Bhatta, Ashwin
Cheng, Chelsea_Anne
Clifton, Cody
Cruz, Ma. Victoria

Group 2
Fong, Keith_Alexander
Heo, Yoojun
Keppler, Kristen_Carmela
Mojica, Paolo_Mateo

Group 3
Samson, Joachim
Myers, Sean
Park, Geun_Woo

Group 4
Pazcoguin, Bea_Trisha
Postma, Eelke
Ronald, Alistair

Group 5
Tan, Aaron
Nalin, Alexia_Marie
Taneja, Jonathan

Block G

Group 1
Belmonte, Joseph_Kirby
Chung, Chia-Ying
Crouch, Kristofer
Garcia, Michael

Group 2
Hsu, Steven_I-Cheng
Roy, Benjamin
Imran, Ameena
Jamal, Kamilla

Group 3
Kobayashi, Emily
Lee, Yong_Seok
Lim, Jeongmook
Mitsui, Mana

Group 4
Morris, Jessica
Po, Enrico
Ilaya, Isabelle
Pratte, Miguel

Group 5
Sinxayvoravong, Napha
Sobel, Aaron
Tankiang, Nicholas

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