Last things to do for the IA

  • Computational thinking table
    • Logically: If… then… else. Decision-making.
    • Procedurally: Things happening in a specific order.
    • Ahead: Planning, extensibility, array resizing, using a linked list instead of a static list, etc.
    • Abstractly: Class definitions, schematics, encapsulation.
    • Concurrently: Saving time by doing lots of things at once.
    • Recursively: Exploiting repeated patterns.
  • Video
    • Brief sentence of introduction saying in plain English what the application does
    • Creation, editing and deletion of one data item, from scratch.
    • Mention of every success criterion with a demonstration that it has been fulfilled
    • If necessary, cut to example with loads of data already added to show sorting, searching, filtering, etc
    • Mention of key data structures and algorithms
    • Mention some examples of computational thinking: Ahead, Logically, Procedurally, Abstractly, Concurrently, Recursively
    • By all means tab to a piece of code in Netbeans to showcase your programming
  • Comments in source code
    • At least one for every class and method
    • It’s also good to comment main loops
  • Extensibility
    • A small section (a few lines only) entitled Extensibility
    • Describe how you have future-proofed your application
    • Examples:
      • Using file input and output rather than “hard-coding” data
      • Defining constants using the final keyword so that they can be changed easily throughout the code
      • Using linked lists (or ArrayLists or other built-in data structures) instead of arrays
      • Designing in a modular way such that new modules can be added easily
      • Allowing the user to add or delete their own data, ie not hard-coding the database (all of you have done this)
      • Using standard data formats, like CSV, HTML, that can readily be used by other software
  • Test plan with actual input and output data in it
    • Some evidence of a testing plan is essential
    • Screenshots of validation dialogs are a very good idea (ask if unsure)
    • Normal, extreme and abnormal data if possible
    • Table format: input, expected output, actual output
  • Table showing how you have adhered to good programming and usability practice
    • Comments in code
    • Encapsulation of instance variables
    • Use of standard capitalisation in code
      • Proper case for classes
      • all caps for constants
      • camel case for variables and methods
    • User documentation
    • System documentation
    • Use of relative paths
    • Data files instead of hard-coding
    • Config files or settings

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