Juniors: Application Development Project

IB1 Application Development Project

The idea behind this project is to prepare you for your IA beginning in the Summer. It will give you important practice in the following areas:

  • Planning
  • Creating a GUI
  • Creating, editing, deleting objects
  • Reading from and writing to the hard disk
  • Writing a report
  • Producing a video

The project deliverables on which you will be graded are four pages on your website:


  • Introduction and description
  • Success criteria (4-6 measurable statements about what your application should be able to do)


  • Prototype (a picture of what the application should look like)
  • List of classes
  • File format
  • Testing plan


  • Source code (commented, with syntax highlighting)
  • Video (2-5 minutes showing the working application)
  • Third-party code (must cite all sources)
  • Programming techniques and computational thinking


  • Test results
  • Bugs
  • Ideas for future development


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