Grade 10 mini application development project

Grade 10 Mini Application Development Project

This project is designed to give you some practice in commercial application development.

  • Planning
  • Creating a GUI
  • Creating, editing, deleting objects
  • Reading from and writing to the hard disk
  • Writing a report
  • Producing a video

The project deliverables on which you will be graded are four grouped pages on your website:


  • Introduction and description
  • Success criteria (4-6 measurable statements about what your application should be able to do)


  • Prototype (a picture of what the application will look like — not what the application does look like!)
  • List of classes
  • File format
  • Testing plan


  • Source code (commented, with syntax highlighting)
  • Video (2-3 minutes showing the working application)
  • Third-party code (must cite all sources)


  • Test results
  • Bugs
  • Ideas for future development

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