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Natural and Human Sciences Reflection Piece

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This piece of work will be graded and added to PowerSchool. We will work on it during Thursday’s lesson and it needs to be completed for homework.

Natural and Human Sciences Reflection Essay

Important things to remember:

  • Knowledge Questions: You must identify the KQ implicit in the prompt and develop 2-3 other KQs that are related to the prompt. Make your KQs quite clear by bolding or underlining, and make sure that they are not trivial or irrelevant.
  • Counter Claims: Every KQ contains an implicit or explicit claim. Identify counter claims and explore them in the context of the prompt. If you want the examiner to know that you are identifying a counter claim, then overtly use the phrase “counter claim”.
  • AOKs and WOKs: Throughout the essay you should be identifying and justifying connections with other AOKs and WOKs. Your KQs necessarily have links to one or more AOKs and WOKs to that is a natural way to develop your arguments. Again, make it clear that you are invoking AOKs and WOKs and don’t make the connections trivial.

Natural Sciences Google presentation

Human Sciences Google presentation

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