iMac Useful keyboard shortcuts

  • Ctrl-Shift-Eject, Sleep
  • Cmd-Shift-Q, Shutdown
  • Cmd-Left/Right, Start/end of line
  • Option-Left/Right, Start/end of word
  • Cmd-Tab, Change application
  • Cmd-M, Minimize window
  • Cmd-Ctrl-Shift-4, Select rectangle screenshot and save to clipboard
  • Cmd-Up, Go up a directory in Finder
  • Cmd-Down, Drill down a directory in Finder
  • F3, Mission control
  • Cmd-F3, Show the desktop
  • Cmd-F1, Toggle between mirrored display and extended desktop
  • Cmd-Option-Esc, Task manager (equivalent to Ctrl-Alt-Del)
  • Cmd-Space, Spotlight tool

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