List of array algorithms that are around SL level

This guy’s list is quite good for revision. If you can do all of these fairly easily then I would expect that you could handle any algorithm that the SL exam will throw at you, whether in Java or pseudocode.

Mock exam information

Monday 21st March (morning)

Standard Level:

  • Paper 1: 1h 30, 70 marks
  • Paper 2:  45 mins, 32 marks

Higher Level:

  • Paper 1: 1h 30, 70 marks
  • Paper 2: 1h, 46 marks

The HL Paper 3 Case Study papers will be done in class

IA Completion Timeline

Monday February 1st:

  • Submission of the completed final draft of your IA. You need to submit everything complete by this time in order to receive the one-time feedback that the IB allows me to give you.

Friday February 12th:

  • Submission to Mr Relf. On this day you must submit everything required:
    • Your HTML file with links to your PDF files
    • Your PDF files
    • Your video
    • These must be provided in a ZIP file
  • Full details of exactly how to submit your work (filenames etc) will be provided in the next few weeks.